Power Generation Equipment Parts

  Processing range:
  Castings and forgings are processed from incoming materials to finished products, and welded parts are from material procurement, welding, machining to finished products.
   At present, it provides services for nearly 10 energy and power equipment companies such as Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hangfa Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Liyuan Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Linjiang Advance Gearbox Co., Ltd.
  Our products comply with ISO9001 management system, and quality control runs through the whole process.

Bottom ring. Hydro

Top cover. Water and electricity

Leak-stop ring. Water and electricity

Arm. Hydropower

Volute. Hydro

Impact runner. Hydro

Fan. Thermal Power

Motor shaft. Thermal power

Planet carrier. Wind power