Blooming May

  “Exhausted but not aware of the heat, just cherish the long summer”This is Bai juyi’s feelings about May.
  The epidemic situation in Hangzhou has stabilized under the effective measures of the government. Within the scope of adhering to the government's epidemic prevention measures, HongLi enterprises have also made this may of the year full of vitality.
  1、 All completed the online training of safety knowledge and passed the examination.
  2、On May 20, the welding department conducted a safety knowledge training and a fire drill.

  3、 On May 22, the Small Metal Processing Department completed the semi annual production target and organized League building activities.

  4、 On May 23 and 24, the company accepted the audit of ISO9001 and 45001 quality systems by Zhongqiu United International Certification Corporation and passed the audit successfully.

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