Warmly congratulate our company on the successful approval of the group standard project

  With the development of urban construction, developing subway traffic has become the only effective way to relieve the pressure of urban traffic, and the high quality concrete shield segment is an important component in the construction of subway culvert. The construction period is often particularly important in the subway construction, because once the shield machine has entered the construction stage, there can be no halt, and the supply of segments must ensure the construction progress. Therefore, how to provide high-quality segments for efficient subway construction has become a problem that many segment manufacturers must consider.
  Our company actively introduces domestic and foreign advanced technology, strengthens the team strength, through unremitting efforts, repeated trials, developed the automatic production equipment of shield segment. In October 2019, it won the honor of the first set in Zhejiang Province. The production line equipment has the characteristics of high segment forming efficiency, high precision, stable batch quality, and effective saving of manpower and material resources. With good economic and social benefits, in line with the requirements of social and national economic development.

  In order to standardize the design and manufacturing of special equipment for shield segment manufacturing, improve product quality and industry standardization, in October 2022, our company submitted to Zhejiang Federation of Machinery Industry the project application for group standard formulation of Special Equipment for Shield Segment Manufacturing and other materials. After a series of planning, preparation and communication, on the morning of November 18, 2022, Leaders and expert groups from Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation, Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University visited our company to investigate and discuss the project establishment of group standards.

  At the meeting, the expert group conducted an exchange and review on key issues related to the necessity, feasibility, implementation impact and industry situation of the standard project of "Special Equipment for Shield Segment Manufacturing", and also put forward a lot of professional opinions and suggestions. Finally, they signed the review opinions respectively, and unanimously agreed to the project approval application of the group standard of "Special Equipment for Shield Segment Manufacturing" submitted by our company.

  The evaluation result of the experts is the affirmation of our company's innovation ability and scientific research achievements, and also provides an important decision basis for the next standard setting work, which will definitely promote the high-quality development of shield segment equipment manufacturing industry!
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